Our Services at Callindo

Explore Callindo's Comprehensive Suite of Customer Support Services.

Aiming to boost overall business value through customer satisfaction, this service combines AI-driven support, custom CX strategies inspired by industry leaders, and digital transformation initiatives to create a sophisticated and responsive customer experience.

Tailored to cultivate enduring customer relationships, this service integrates unique loyalty programs, comprehensive customer journey analytics, and effective feedback systems, focusing on every stage of the customer’s interaction with a brand.

Focused on seamless customer communication across multiple platforms, this service integrates various channels like voice, chat, and email into a unified support system, employing intelligent call distribution and a comprehensive service desktop to enhance customer engagement.

Specializing in sales and customer acquisition, Callindo’s telemarketing services offer a range of approaches including B2B cold calling, direct sales campaigns, and lead generation, tailored to specific market demands and utilizing advanced strategies for maximum outreach efficiency.


Designed to elevate the post-purchase customer experience, this service offers a combination of multichannel support, rapid issue resolution techniques, and ongoing service improvements based on customer interaction data, ensuring sustained customer satisfaction.

Dedicated to ethical and strategic debt recovery, Callindo employs a mix of agent-based recovery methods, non-performing loan (NPL) portfolio management, and omnichannel communication to efficiently recover outstanding debts while maintaining customer respect and dignity.